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Will Your Workplace Team Up Against Cancer?

Ohio Cancer Research welcomes the synergy and energy of groups including companies, schools, and civic organizations to help raise money that is used to fund brilliant cancer research right here in Ohio. We have been a trusted source of cancer research funding since 1982 and are committed to providing the best researchers at Ohio’s leading universities and medical centers with the “seed money” they need to get their cancer research projects going.

Talk to your employer, form your own group, and Be a Life Changer™!

Coffee for Cancer
Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? And wouldn’t it taste sweeter if it was for a good cause? Ask your employer if you can bring in a party-size coffee maker and sell coffee during your break time with all proceeds benefiting Ohio Cancer Research.

Battle of the Baked Goods
Baking competitions are hugely popular right now with several TV shows dedicated to cake decorating contests. Ask your employer if you can stage a live cake decorating contest or bring home baked goods. Establish an entry fee for participants and “sell” the baked delights with all proceeds going to Ohio Cancer Research.

Funny T-Shirt Day or Jeans Day
See if your employer will allow the staff to dress down for the day provided they give $10 (or another agreed upon amount) with donations going to Ohio Cancer Research. Make sure to set parameters of acceptable t-shirt attire.

Host a Work Picnic
Get outside at lunch, play some music, cook up some hot dogs, sell chips, pop and bottled water to raise money for Ohio Cancer Research. For extra fun and funds, organize outdoor games with entry fees and prizes.

Cancer of the Month
Each month has been identified nationwide to correspond to different types of cancers with corresponding ribbon colors. Make ribbons and sell them to raise funds for cancer research in Ohio.

Honor a Colleague
Create flyers and ask for donations that will advance breakthrough cancer research. When submitting your donation to Ohio Cancer Research, be sure to let us know who you are honoring. This is a heartfelt and meaningful way to show you care and that you are committed to fighting this devastating disease.

Dollar Wars Week
Challenge various departments in your building to see who can raise the most money for OCR within a given week. Award the winner by buying or making them lunch.

Come up with Your Own Ideas to Raise Money
The sky is the limit! Have fun but just make sure you get prior approval from your employer before kicking off any fundraising campaign.

Share Your Success on Social Media
It’s always okay to brag about your success when it inspires people to give to a worthy cause. Generosity is contagious so share your efforts across your social channels.

Ohio Cancer Research is a 501 (c)(3) organization.
Donations are tax deductible as permitted by law. (EIN 31-1038309)