Ohio Cancer Research’s scientific investigators are exploring innovative areas of cancer research in the genetic causes and preventions of cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, vaccine studies, DNA studies, and new therapeutic strategies.

Projects are selected by a Scientific Review Committee with the help of out-of-state reviewers from across the country and the world.  The Scientific Review Committee is comprised of doctors and scientists around Ohio. Committee Chair Susan Cole, PhD, The Ohio State University, heads this distinguished panel of researchers and cancer experts.


Susan Cole, PhD, Chair

Professor, Cancer and Cell Biology

Molecular Genetics, The Ohio State University

Ivana de la Serna, PhD

Associate Professor

Biochemistry & Cancer Biology, University of Toledo

Sohaib Khan, PhD

Associate Professor

Professor of Cell Biology, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Justin Lathia, PhD

Associate Staff

Cellular & Molecular Medicine, Cleveland Clinic

Kam Yeung, PhD

Assistant Professor

Biochemistry and Cancer Biology, University of Toledo

Deborah Paris, PhD

Professor Emeritus

The Ohio State University

John Pink, PhD

Assistant Professor

General Medical Sciences Oncology, Case Western Reserve University

Dawn Wooley, PhD

Associate Professor, Neuroscience Cell

Biology & Physiology, Wright State University

Ana Luisa Kadekaro, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dermatology, University of Cincinnati

Tom Cunningham, PhD

Assistant Professor

Cancer Biology, University of Cincinnati