Justin Lathia, Ph. D.
Cleveland Clinic
"There are many young scientists in a similar position that could greatly benefit from support at the early stages of their career." BRAIN CANCER
Denis Guttridge, Ph. D.
The Ohio State University
"The Ohio Cancer Research award was instrumental in getting my laboratory off the ground as a new faculty member." MOLECULAR STUDIES
Matthew Summers, Ph. D.
The Ohio State University
"For many in my position these achievements would not be possible without these early investments and I thank you for supporting OCR and enabling the cuting edge scientific projects of Ohio's talented young researchers." BREAST CANCER
Song-Tao Lui, Ph. D.
University of Toledo
"The Ohio Cancer Research grant really sowed the seed of success for me to aquire 1.8 million in federal funding since I joined University of Toledo." GENE MUTATION
Anne Strohecker, Ph. D.
The Ohio State University
Funded with the support of Celeste & David Loewendick "Research matters because lung cancer is poorly understood and current therapies are insufficient to save the lives of patients." LUNG CANCER
Huiping Liu, M.D., Ph. D.
Case Western Reserve University
"The lifetime risk of developing invasive breast cancer is 1 in 8 in women in the United States and 20% of the breast cancer patients die. We are exploring strategies to reduce breast cancer death in the clinic." BREAST CANCER
Jennifer Leight, Ph. D.
The Ohio State University
"Metastasis, the spread of cancer from the original tumor to other sites in the body, is the main cause of death in most cancer patients. We believe that our research will contribute to the identification of new therapeutic targets to reduce cancer cell invasion and metastasis." CANCER THERAPY

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