What does Spirit Week mean:

Each year employees from The Garland Company host “Spirit Week” to raise funds for a worthy charity. This year, our goal is to raise $50,000 for Ohio Cancer Research. In 2016, our fundraising efforts are dedicated to some of our own employees currently fighting cancer. An with an expected 1.6 million new cancer cases to be diagnosed in the United States in 2016, we know that this disease affects too many people.


About The Garland Company Inc.:

Throughout our more than 120-year history, The Garland Company, Inc. has developed unique product and service offerings that have raised the bar for building envelope solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Today, Garland is a worldwide leader in high-performance roofing. Visit us at: www.garlandco.com


Make A Difference

Help us to fight cancer

First Name Last Name Donation Amount
Craig O’Hara $20.00
Edward McCabe $100.00
Richard Jones $100.00
Sam Heffernan $20.00
Timothy Hollo $55.00
Wes Van Autreve $100.00
Kelli Gargasz $50.00
Charles Ripepi $200.00
Brian Hogan $100.00
Andrew Bath $25.00
Kevin Gould $100.00
Demian Boroff $25.00
Sam & Crystal Heffernan $50.00
Brendan Wall $100.00
Bill Pancoast $200.00
Scott Goehring $150.00
Richard DeBacco $100.00
Charbel Boulos $200.00
Gillian Laribee-Reid $250.00
Joseph Pavicic $180.00
Scott Sibits $200.00
Kayleigh Kakavas $70.00
Heather Vogt $100.00
Hayden Garrett $30.00
Steve Lampman $200.00
Donna Thompson $100.00