Grand Illusions Cleveland

Events > Grand Illusions Sauté Cleveland Ohio Cancer Research is proud to have honored and sizzled (ok, perhaps just singed, but never fully roasted), the most prominent and successful business and civic leaders in the Cleveland area to raise funds for basic cancer research, public information and awareness. This year is no [...]

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In Loving Memory of Sue Doody, Former Ohio Cancer Research Board Member and Honoree

Sue Doody, proprietor of Lindey’s in German Village was born in Dayton Ohio. A graduate and longtime supporter of Ohio Wesleyan, she taught in the Columbus Public Schools. Sue remained a teacher but moved from the schoolhouse to the kitchen in her home teaching cooking and running a small catering business.In 1980 she purchased the [...]

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OCR Funded Researcher Finds Protein That Mediates Formation of HER2 Breast Cancer

BLOG > Researchers at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine have identified, for the first time, that the estrogen receptor-binding protein MED1 is a critical mediator of HER2-driven breast cancer, identifying it as a potential therapeutic target. MED1 is a protein often produced at abnormally high levels in breast cancer cells [...]

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